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Preliminary Information Form


The Sales Contract Preliminary Information Form is concluded in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumers No 6502 - Regulation on Distance Contracts, which covers the rights and obligations of the parties. By accepting this preliminary information form, the BUYER accepts in advance that if the she/he confirms the order, he/she will be under the obligation to pay the additional fees specified, such as the price subject to the order and the shipping fee, tax, if any, and that he/she has been informed about it.


Title: Saras Gümüş Tasarım Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Address:Barbaros Mah. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Blv. Shell Petrol Station No: 484 NewsCity / Mersin
Telephone: +90 542 775 39 35

3. RECIPIENT INFORMATION(Hereinafter referred to as RECIPIENT.)

Recipient name:
Delivery address:
Email / Username:

4. BUYER INFORMATION(Hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER or BUYER.)

Name, Surname / Title:
Email / Username:


5.1.The basic features of the products such as type, quantity, model, color, size, etc. are available on the website of the SELLER. p>

5.2.The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. The announced prices and campaigns are valid until they are updated and changed. The prices announced periodically are valid until the end of the specified period.

5.3.The selling price of the contract goods or service, including all taxes, is shown in the table below.

Product description

Number of items

Unit price

(VAT included)

Shipping fee



Payment Method and Plan: Credit card, Money Order / EFT
Delivery address
Recipient name
Billing address
Order date
Delivery Date
Delivery method: Domestic or International Shipping

The shipping fee will be paid by the BUYER.


6.1.The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that she/he has read the preliminary information about the basic characteristics of the product subject to the contract, the sales price and the payment method and the delivery on the website of the SELLER and provides the necessary confirmation electronically. The BUYER confirms the preliminary information electronically, before the establishment of the distance sales contract, including the basic features of the products to be ordered, the price of the products including taxes, and the payment and delivery information are accepted and committed.

6.2.Each product subject to the contract is delivered to the person at the address indicated by the BUYER within the period specified in the product description and preliminary information section on the website. If the product cannot be delivered to the BUYER within the legal period of 30 days, the BUYER reserves the right to terminate the contract.

6.3.The SELLER shall deliver the product subject to the contract in full, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order.

6.4.The SELLER may supply a different product of equal quality and price by informing the BUYER and obtaining the BUYER’s explicit approval before the contractual performance obligation expires.

6.5.If the SELLER fails to fulfill the contractual obligations in case the fulfillment of the product subject to the order becomes impossible, the SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will notify the BUYER in writing within 3 days from the date of finding out and return the total price to the BUYER within 14 days.

6.6.The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will confirm this Preliminary Information Form electronically for the delivery of the contractual product, and if the contractual product price is not paid for any reason and / or is cancelled in the bank records, the SELLER's obligation to deliver the contractual product will end.

6.7.After the delivery of the product to the RECIPIENT at the address indicated by the BUYER, if the price of the product subject to the contract is not paid to the SELLER by the relevant bank or financial institution as a result of the unauthorized use of a credit card, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will return the contract amount or the product to the SELLER including the shipping costs.

6.8.The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will notify the BUYER of the situation if he/she cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within due time due to force majeure situations such as the occurrence of unforeseen, unpredictable and preventing and / or delaying situations of the parties from fulfilling their debts such as a natural disaster, war, riot, etc. The BUYER is also entitled to demand from the SELLER to cancel the order, to replace the product subject to the contract with a precedent, and / or to postpone the delivery period until the obstacle is eliminated. If the order is cancelled by the BUYER, the amount of the product will be paid to the BUYER within 14 days. For the payments made by credit card, the product amount is returned to the relevant bank within 14 days after the order is cancelled by the BUYER. The average process of reflecting the amount returned by the SELLER to BUYER’s credit card may take 2 to 3 weeks, since the reflection of this amount to the BUYER's accounts to the issuing bank is entirely related to the bank transaction process, the BUYER accepts and declares that he/she cannot hold the SELLER responsible for possible delays.


Name / Surname / Title
Email / username
Invoice delivery: Intrace e-Invoice will be issued and sent to the email address given while registering to or site.8. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL

8.1. For international orders (outside Turkey), since returns and exchanges are not accepted, right of withdrawal from a purchase is not applicable, all sales are final. For domestic orders (from Turkey only), the BUYER may use the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the product without any legal and criminal liability and without any justification, provided that the product is delivered to itself or to the person / organization at the address indicated, within 14 fourteen days, provided that the SELLER is notified. In distance contracts for service provision, this period starts from the date the contract is signed. Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the service contracts that are initiated with the approval of the consumer. The costs arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the SELLER. The BUYER accepts in advance that he has been informed about the right of withdrawal by accepting this contract.

8.2.In order to use the right of withdrawal, a written notification must be made to the SELLER by registered mail or e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days and the product must not be used within the framework of the provisions of "Products that are Out of Scope for the Right of Withdrawal" set forth in this contract.

8.2.1. The invoice of the product delivered to the 3rd party or the BUYER must be present while returning the product(s). Order returns whose invoices are issued on behalf of institutions will not be completed unless a Return Invoice is issued.

8.2.2.Return form,

8.2.3.The products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged, together with the original box, packaging and standard accessories, if any.

8.2.4.The SELLER is obliged to return the total price and the documents that put the BUYER under debt within 10 days from the receipt of the withdrawal notice and accept the return of the goods within 20 days.

8.2.5. If there is a decrease in the value of the goods due to a reason caused by the BUYER's fault or if the return becomes impossible, the BUYER is liable to compensate the damages of the SELLER at the rate of his fault.

8.2.6.If the campaign limit amount set by the SELLER is decreased due to the use of the right of withdrawal, the discount amount used within the scope of the campaign is cancelled.

8.2.7. The remaining amount is transferred to the credit card or bank account of the BUYER after deducting the costs such as shipping and gift package from the total amount paid.


9.1. Custom made products and tailored products (color or size change) as per the request of the BUYER are out of scope for the right of withdrawal.

It is not possible to return or exchange earrings and ear cuffs for hygiene reasons.

Returned products must not be used. Returns of products that are not resellable due to user fault, such as damaged as a result of impact or fall, perfume or skin odor, or color or stone deformation will not be accepted.

In order for the refund to be made, the product must be sent in its original package with all the documents, packaging, and promotional gifts.

This Agreement is made for commercial purposes. Turkish law applies to all contracts and agreements between the BUYER and SELLER.

SELLER: Saras Silver Design Industry Trade Limited Company (Saras Gümüş Tasarım Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi)